About Us

On the bleeding edge so you don't get cut

Our agency works with brands to bring forth the next age of consumer marketing. The evolution of e-commerce allows customers to shop wherever and whenever. But what's next? Vysical specializes in existing business and marketing tactics while obsessing with the new. We are pioneers. We believe meta-commerce will enhance customer experience and engagement with more authentic brand immersion. Instead of only building solutions, we work with the brands and their customers to meet their evolving needs. We are brand partners. We dig into our client's business objectives and develop the right strategies and tactics to determine the best solutions. When we reach an agreement, we have the resources to execute and support the plan. We focus on delivering results and value to our clients. 

Our Story

We are an eclectic mix of the tried and true coupled with crazy minds who crave to push boundaries and blaze new trails. Legendary father of Direct to Consumer marketing, Howard Draft, saw something big was happening with the emergence of web3 and the metaverse. He joined forces with Rebekah Keida at Vysical, an agency helping brands navigate the rise of web3. Howard brings decades of knowledge and experience transforming brands--using analytics to draft creative that results in campaigns driving billions in growth. Leveraging their respective skills, they offer clients an inside look into the cutting edge while ensuring all strategies focus on tangible business outcomes.

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